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I pledge to become a member of Anti Tribalism Movement to stay away from any tribalistic activities and actions to discriminate, insult, denying someone’s right, commit violence, joke about tribalistic myths, hate other clans/tribes, dislike other clans/tribes and hold revengeful hate towards to other clans, tribes and people.

Waxaan balan qaadayaa si aan uga mid noqdo Kacdoonka Ka Soo Horjeedka Qabyaaladda inaan ka foggaado wax waliba oo la xiriira qabyaalad, ficilada keena kala sooca dadka, yasida, xaqiritaanka xuquuqda qofka, kaftanka ku saleysan qabyaaladda, naceeb ka dhan ah qabiil gaar ah ama aar-goosi ku wajahan qabiil ama qolo gooni ah








Every donation you make goes towards combating the tribalism that left Somali people where they are today.


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